Ayurveda is comprised of two Sanskrit words –“ Ayu” and “Veda” where “Ayu” means “life” and “Veda” means “Knowledge”. Thus, the term Ayurveda means the “knowledge of life” or the “science of healthy living”. 

It’s a five thousand years old treasured wisdom of herbal healing system from India. Ayurveda is holistic way of living which not only aims to treat ailments but also prevents diseases, increases longevity, enhances vitality and balances with nature. Ayurveda emphasizes on creating harmony among three vital energies – Vata, Pitta and Kapha, which governs all physio - psychological functions of body and mind. It re- establishes the balance in body through diet, lifestyle, exercise, cleansing & detoxification.

Thus, it de-stresses naturally and re-energize, revitalize and refreshes completely.

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